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  Hello my name is Miguel Martinez and welcome to Crush Vision Photography, where I showcase the best of my photographic work and demonstrate my ability in creating great photographs. I've received my education in photography at College of the Canyons. Since 2010, I've been creating photographs to astonish my clients and spark interest in future clients.   

  While in college, I have received all the knowledge there is to know about photography. Subjects ranging from camera controls, composition, lighting, shooting weddings and events, color, portraiture, photojournalism etc. I have put everything into practice for countless hours until I finally perfected it enough, before I even considered to provide it as a service. As of July 2019, I now offer my service to those who expect the best for those once in a lifetime moments. I do not settle for less and neither should you. Now you finally found a passionate photographer that you can trust and consistently provide you with great results.

  I believe photography is more than just capturing moments. I go beyond the thought, which has helped me create great photos with meaning. When I first started being a learning about photography I didn't know exactly why I wanted to pursue such a career up until recently. I discovered my passion upon looking through old photographs of my family. It was then that I realized I wanted to be a photographer for the reason of wanting my clients to one day look at their photos and say to themselves, "I lived a beautiful life."  

Thank you, for your time and consideration. I hope to work with you soon and provide you with a great photography experience. 

Have faith in my vision. 

-Best Regards 

Miguel Martinez

Crush Vision Photography




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